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Smart Jingles (DSM-055)

Smart Jingles DSM-055 

The Smart Jingles module is a new element of DIGISPOT®II radio automation system. It provides universal tool for playing audio elements, decorating the ON-AIR program. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of this module is designed for working with a touch-screen monitor, which helps to combine the Jingle Machine visual interface and button field for controlling one functional hands on surface. The screen layout can be arranged under tabs; each of them representing audio elements for various ON-AIR sessions for a morning show or game show etc. That helps avoiding "overloading" the GUI with too many elements which are not needed always to be on the screen.

SJM Touch Screen for On-Air operation

The most significant new feature of the Smart Jingles is in the new approach to choosing the right moment for the start of audio elements that help to establish continuous uninterrupted musical texture at changing one element to the next one. The Smart Jingles are using algorithm of automatic definition of the musical texture of elements and individual rules of definition of the start points taking into account strong and weak bits. All those provide smoother transition from one audio element to another keeping the overall bit uninterrupted on changes between elements. These new rules can be switched off, and the SJM module will work as "classical" Jingle Machine (DSM-009).

The Smart Jingles module provides playback of previously configured sequences of jingles starting one after another with smooth and natural crossfades. The status of each element may be assigned as "main", or "music bed" and the sequence can be constructed with possibility to be interrupted or mixed by other element. The Smart Jingles module provides also means to change the mood of the sequence directly during playback with the special slider screen control. All settings including the GUI settings (displacements of buttons, their appearance, tabs etc) and associations with certain audio elements or sequences of audio elements can be configured in the separate Smart Jingles Editor module (DSM-056). Sequences, created in the Smart Jingles Editor, are stored in the Media DB (DS-DB01) and may be open from any working place of Digispot II installation with the Smart Jingles module.

The Smart Jingles module requires Media DB (DS-DB01) or Media DB Advanced Engine (DS-DB02).

We also recommend to refer to the more simple jingle players: Jingle Machine module (DSM-009) and Fast Jingles module (DSM-058).

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