DIGISPOT II - is a configurable versatile set of software and hardware modules supporting all tasks of radio broadcast workflow. Various user-defined combinations of these modules provide easy adaptation of the system to any customer's needs avoiding any excess functionality and essentially saving customer's expenses for the project.
The incomplete list of the main features of DIGISPOT II includes support of live and automated program delivery with on-line hot reserve system, production, logging, music rotation, commercial planning, full-featured news room, automated import of information, regional program delivery and so on. DIGISPOT II system is based on Media Database allowing centralized (or distributed) storage of radio station's content and data management.

Besides, MDB provides:

  • System administration and data access control on the base of Microsoft Active Directory user accounts;
  • Monitoring of all user operations;
  • Reliability of broadcast process at a separate working place as well as in the overall radio facility by using specially designed reserve and gap filling modules.

Introduction of DIGISPOT II system to a particular radio facility starts from learning of its current workflow. After its thorough analysis and considering existing functionality of DIGISPOT II, a customer is presented with a set of needed software and hardware modules and recommendations on optimizing of their workflow.

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