Digispot II is automation and media content management system:

Single solution for the entire radio station.

DIGISPOT II – Media Content Management and Automation System

DIGISPOT II software complex is designed for automation of all technological processes on a radio station, from initial planning and preparation, to post-air logging and archiving.

  • Solutions of any scale
  • Modernization of any existing radio station without interrupting the broadcasts
  • Any non-standard solutions in the fields of TV and radio broadcasting

Every client counts!

Nearly 20 years on the market

  • First successful installations at the end of 1991.
  • In 2001 all applications and components were incorporated into a single system under the DIGISPOT II trademark.
  • The same year saw a beginning of collaboration with RBarthKG Company in Hamburg.

More than 1000 users all over the world

  • DIGISPOT II is installed on more than 1000 radio stations in Russia, CIS countries and Western Europe.
  • Among our clients are more than 70% of Moscow radio stations and more than ½ of Berlin radio stations.
  • We were chosen as partners by major holdings and media chains, such as VGTRK, Gazprom Media, EMG and others.

Modern technology

  • Implementation of new concepts and functions, such as the visual radio and decrochage, provides continuous development and improvement of the product, keeping it up-to-date and highly competitive.

  • Direct and reverse compatibility between versions, the presence of API and various integration modules, facilitate the updating process and integration of new versions.

  • Experienced team of developers considers all the latest trends in the sphere of radio broadcasting.

24/7 support

  • Specialized team consisting of highly skilled professionals takes care of technical support.

  • Multilingual support in Russian, English and German is available.

  • Paid service in its maximum version provides technical support 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

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