Let's see what's new in 2.16.3 version of Digispot

Digispot team improved Internet Streaming, BCS Editor, Decrocharge Scheduler, Media DB, Mag and other components to make them better for users.

Digispot SYNERGY at IBC 2019: concise and together with mixing desk SYNERGY MINI as package deal!

Digispot Team is heading to Amsterdam in order to demonstrate the potential of Digispot SYNERGY, specialized application which is integrated into the mixing console SYNERGY MINI. Welcome to our stands 8.В28 и 8.D14 to find more information about our multifunctional radio studio which has nothing extra!

What we've done this winter

We are constantly working on improvements and new features in Digispot. We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer!

Digispot Synergy - a special free version of the software Digispot II

Digispot Synergy is a special free version of the Digispot II software that comes bundled with the Synergy Mini remote.

Streaming service I-Audio Stream Service

The streaming service I-Audio Stream Service will allow you to organize broadcasting on the Internet from the Synergy Mini console.

Relax FM in Vilnius changed automation system to Digispot!

September 26, 2018, Relax FM in Vilnius changed automation system to Digispot! Now Relax FM uses two configurations of DJin: Air-X Live, two Media Planers and DB Import. DB Import application allows to transfer all the necessary materials and audio elements from an old automation system and it also automates the audio file import process (music, jingles, news, commercial) to Media DB.

"Legends FM" launched a new automation system Digispot II

Christmas miracles have already begun! November 29, 2018 at 19 o'clock the Belarusian radio station "Legends FM" aired with a new broadcasting automation system Digispot II. 

Do you want something new? We have it!

If you have been waiting for something new at your work place, we can try to refresh it with our new features.

What's new in Digispot in October?

We continue to improve Digispot modules and applications. Let's see what features we added this month.

Digispot at IBC 2018: How it was

Many participants and visitors of the international exhibition IBC 2018 agree that this year the exhibitors focused on already implemented solutions rather than on experimental prototypes and new ideas.

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