"Legends FM" launched a new automation system Digispot II

Christmas miracles have already begun! November 29, 2018 at 19 o'clock the Belarusian radio station "Legends FM" aired with a new broadcasting automation system Digispot II. 

"We conducted a lot of tests. The software we used earlier did not work accurately enough for the linear broadcast and could not cope with our new task - regional localized broadcasting. With Digispot II, we got a really flexible and powerful tool able to satisfy any radio worker." says Pavel Ladutko, chief engineer of the radio station.

"The localization feature of the broadcast is to get as close as possible to the listener in the regions. Jingles with local frequency, local news releases, weather forecasts, traffic reports are heard on the air. The listener has a full sense of personalization and confidence in the local broadcaster. It helps to make money on the local a market where advertising prices are usually lower than “capital ones.” Local businesses are happy to advertise exclusively in their region, "says Vitaly Rachkovsky, director of Trakt Media, official Representative of the Digispot II software developer in the Republic of Belarus.

The great advantage of the new software was the quick and easy training of employees before the launch of the complex. “15 minutes of induction is enough to explain the subtleties of the work to the staff,” says Pavel.

It took a little more time to transfer the music and advertising databases into a single Media Database. All employees of the radio station can simultaneously work with it: the changes made are immediately available at all workplaces. Now there is no need for import-export operations between departments of the radio station. Transferring the music base could be a difficult task, but no manual work was required, everything “moved” automatically. Tools for transferring data from different software are always in the standard delivery of Digispot II.

“The developer company Digispot II has added and implemented new functions exclusively for our tasks in the shortest possible time. Our company attaches great importance to security, and user authorization in DJin provides it easily, giving employees access only to authorized sections of the database, ”says Pavel.

You can get acquainted with the features of the Digispot II software and purchase it in the Republic of Belarus from Tract Media LLC.

The radio station "Legends FM" launched new transmitters in various regions of the Republic of Belarus. Now you can hear wonderful mixes of music of the 70s, 80s, 90s on the legendary radio station on the page www.legendy.by or in Minsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Soligorsk, Lida, Zhlobin.

"Legends FM" aires with the broadcasting automation system Digispot II

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