Digispot Synergy - a special free version of the software Digispot II

Digispot Synergy is a special free version of the Digispot II software that comes bundled with the Synergy Mini remote.

The Djin Synergy program includes basic functionality that is designed to automate the process of broadcasting.

The application contains features that allow:

  • Prepare the necessary essential material (tracks, news, etc.);
  • Impose a broadcast schedule;
  • Automate the process of broadcasting;
  • To broadcast in semi-automatic player control mode from the fader-start signals directly from the console. 

Multiplayer mode


Administration system


The quantity of RM working simultaneously


Scheduling period

without restriction

Number of schedules




RBD technology


Volume normalization


Musical rotation


Media planning




Spinning reserve


Available modules

Files, Folders, Schedule, Moderator Screen, Moderator Schedule, Track-2, Jingle Machine, Fast Jingles, Voice Track.

It works only in conjunction with the remote Synergy Mini.

Djin Synergy contains 2 configurations:

  1. X-Player Broadcasting built on the basis of a multi-channel X-player and designed for your own broadcasting (live or automatic).
  2. 777 Retransmission - the configuration is built on the basis of a retransmission unit and is intended for organizing the transmission of a signal from another (mother) radio program with automatic insertion of local advertising, news, etc.

Each of the configurations is focused on solving a specific task, depending on the format of the broadcasting station, most often selected once at the beginning of work with DJin Synergy. When changing the configuration during operation, the accumulated data is saved (schedules, phonograms, etc.); only the appearance of the program's working window will change, as well as the main functions available to the user.

The broadcasting process when changing the configuration is interrupted.

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