Streaming service I-Audio Stream Service

The streaming service I-Audio Stream Service will allow you to organize broadcasting on the Internet from the Synergy Mini console.

The user can independently select and install one of two media servers to which sound data will be sent - Icecast or Shoutcast.

The I-Audio Stream Service is installed on an on-air workstation and operates independently of other applications of the DIGISPOT II software package.

The following formats are supported: Mpeg1 layer 2, Mpeg1 layer 3 and various AAC format profiles.

In the case of working with the X-player, the service can complement the flow with the necessary metadata (name, artist, album).

When working with the relay unit "777", you can receive the audio relay signal as a coded digital stream from the Internet.

In the full version of the Digispot II software, a professional software audio processing module is available — an on-air audio processor.

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