GTRK "Murman"

Implementation: 2012

Complex refitting of state radio control rooms and studios.

A new project has been completed on the base of DIGISPOT II Media Content Management and Distribution system. All broadcasting subsystems, as well as switching and distribution of signals were designed on the basis of digital technology by AEQ company (Spain). The project includes:

  • switching and signal distribution hardware room (based on equipment by AEQ company);
  • server room;
  • 3 boradcast control rooms with studios based on Forum digital broadcasting mixing boards by AEQ company;
  • 3 editing station control rooms;
  • audio library archiving control room;
  • newsroom for 20 workplaces;
  • 10 radio journalist kits;
  • TR-Time unified timing system. 

The project was completed by order from FGUP "VGTRK".



Thanks to this newest complex, GTRK "Murman" will provide round-the-clock broadcasting of two stations - "Radio Rossii" and "Mayak FM". The bulk audience is estimated at more than 930 thousand, including inhabitants of Murmansk proper and surrounding regions.  

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