Voice of Russia

golos logoImplementation: 2008-2010

"Voice of Russia" is one of the oldest Russian government radio stations founded in 1929. Nowadays "Voice of Russia" is broadcasting in 160 countries on 38 languages. The station requires high quality of broadcasting because the station broadcasts in many different countries. The station informs listeners about what's happening in Russia, as well as Russian culture and lifestyle. The station helps forming a positive image of Russia among foreigners. 

It's difficult to classify "Voice of Russia" genre-wise (music, information, talk show, etc.) There are news, as well as thematical programs, music, commercials and various jingles. The station is the definite national leader in terms of the number of broadcasting languages.

The update of the complex by the "TRACT" team was conducted step by step during a 2,5-year period (with non-stop broadcasting). The process included the following steps:

  • project development
  • replanning of rooms
  • main hardware systems update
  • equipment delivery and installation
  • additional training for Voice of Russia personnel to learn about the newly available options

Six open news room were included in the complex, with about 500 workplaces, 20 studio equipment blocks for production, 2 specialized on-air control rooms and 6 on-air studios.

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