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Implementation: 2010

commersant 11On the 15th of March, 2010, "Kommersant" publishing house launhed a 24-hour broadcasting project in the then new format of news radio. It was primarily oriented towards male audience of circa 35-55 years old, post-graduates with a higher income. In other words, the target audience coincided with that of the eponymous newspaper. The speciality was news, market reports and information about Moscow traffic and weather.

The main distinguishing feature of this radio station is uninterrupted news programs, the speed of news delivery being quite high - some reports take only about 15 seconds to 2,5 minutes to recite (this time should be enough to not only learn about the events but also expert opinions on the subject). Once in every 10 minutes various headlines are heard, as well as ultimate news about city traffic jams. The station's format is very close to that of "Business FM", although these two stations cannot compete because the existing "United Media" project is much more of a debative radio rather than informative. When working on the project, "Kommersant" team looked for inspiration and experience to several foreign stations: two radio stations in New York ("1010 WINS" и "WCBS") and one in Toronto.

This news-based station is unique in Russia. However, the "TRACT" team has already had experience with new creative formats before, such as the "City FM" or "Business FM" complexes for example. These projects demonstrated that the DIGISPOT II Media Content Management and Distribution System can be adapted for any working process or any broadcasting routine, however exotic and unusual.

commersant 5Thus, the "TRACT" team has perfected existing technologies (including news broadcast technology) to provide "Kommersant" with a comfortable solution. These technologies were previously tested on projects like "City FM" and "Business FM". The "Kommersant" process includes news reports never waiting for the next program airing to reach the listener. Instead, they are promptly broadcasted almost in real time. Of course, this quick delivery of news can be found in many radio stations. However, here, being that the station specializes in news, this principle was put on another level with two monitors displaying actual data in the studio. (we'll get back to this technology later).

The technological process used by "Kommersant" is more or less borrowed from foreign colleagues. Thus, the central element becomes the on-air studio - producers link. The main role for managing the process is then given to a pair of radio hosts. The producers, situated in the nearby room behing an acoustic window, act as assistants only, providing actual information. They take care of telephone calls and other routine tasks.

commersant 7The host's workplace is totally computerized. This eases the working process for the rest of the personnel because all main elements are displeyed on one single monitor. This constellation provides a flexible system, allowing for quick alterations in audio and text information. All workplaces are fixed and equippped with three monitors each (the monitors use sensor LCD technology for maximum comfort and flexibility), as well as a mixing desk. The host has DIGISPOT II Newsfeed automation system installed on his computer. Specially for "Kommersant" a possibility to broadcast according to a set schedule was added to the software options.

Smart Jingle Machine launches separate audio elements (such as the jingles). The software has a dedicated sensor monitor.

Thus, the host has the ability to manage the whole broadcasting process, moderate the program and maintain rapid communications with producer.

Apart from two hosts and two producers, several narrow-profile co-hosts can be invited in the studio. They will then take care of various topics such as weather, traffic information and so on. There are also guest seats in the studio.

commersant 2To quickly inform the hosts, co-hosts and guests about latest events, two "TR-Info" monitors are located in the studio. These monitors are a special development project of "TRACT" engineers. The monitors display information that may prove useful for those in the studio - telephone line connection (the name of the caller and line indicator), weather information, currency exchange rates and more. Text hints for host may also be displayed, as well as latest news, topic of the day or recently received sensations.

Part of the information is displayed automatically. For other data, producers use a special tool installed on their computers - a "TR-Info" automatic display system.

"Kommersant" has its own correspondent network as well as their own, trusted methods of collecting and analyzing news information. All information that is destined for broadcast, is collected in the newsroom, from where it will proceed to the on-air producer and then to the host's newsfeed.

The installation of the system took about 4 months. Apart from the technical side, a new personnel was recruited and trained to work with the DIGISPOT II Media Content Management and Distribution System.

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