Holding company Evropeyskaya Media Gruppa

emg logoImplementation: 2007-2008

EMG is one of the largest broadcast holdings in Europe. The project of moving to a new complex was initiated by the management in order to collect all radio stations of the holdeing in one single building, fascilitating logistics and communications between various departments. The new complex occupies not more than 3000 square meters. It is situated on three floors of newly equipped building on Taganka (Moscow, Russia).

Европа ПлюсРетро FMРадио 7Кекс FM

Evropeyskaya Media Gruppa radio complex is designed for broadcasting of eight music and informative radio stations. It was designed and implemented by the "TRACT" team in 2007-2008. It is based on the DIGIDPOT II Media Content Management and Distribution System, using the AXIA IP-Audio digital broadcast system by the TLS Corporation (USA). The EMG facility has 5 main and 2 reserve on-air studios, 8 Digidesign production control rooms, 4 voice recording studios and the central server room.

Холдинг Европейская Медиа Группаemg 2emg 3

Холдинг Европейская Медиа Группаemg 5Холдинг Европейская Медиа Группа

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