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gazprom logoImplementation: 2005-2008

The first collaborative project of "TRACT" and OKNO-TV for Gazprom Media Holding was refitting of "Echo Moscow" radio station. After that, one by one, several other projects were realized, such as the City FM and Relax FM single radio complex and Children radio (2008) that broadcasts in most cities of Russia.

Детское радиоРелакс FMСити FMЭхо Москвы

All three projects were based on the DIGISPOT II software by "TRACT".

In 2006, the project of "City FM - Relax FM" single radio complex received the "Best system project of 2006" award. The project included development of the complex that would potentially be able to work with three radio stations and one single commercial department. These radio stations included a news radio station, composite news-musical and purely musical radio station. The complex includes a newsroom for 45 workplaces that allows for quick preparation of news for broadcasting, as well as two control rooms and two on-air studios working in an alternating routine. In 2010, City FM and Relax FM won the "Radiomania-2010" award.

Холдинг Газпром-МедиаХолдинг Газпром-МедиаХолдинг Газпром-Медиа

Холдинг Газпром-МедиаХолдинг Газпром-МедиаХолдинг Газпром-Медиа

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