Professional software audio processing

Professional software audio processors practically equal hardware solutions due to variety of functions and quality of the stream sound processing. Moreover high-quality applications cost several times cheaper than ordinary hardware FM-processor. Also software solutions support MPX signal and RDS data transfer via a good quality 192 kHz capable sound card and can be used both for FM radio station and Internet radio station.

The Secret of a Competent File Storage on the Radio

A wealth of information in the form of files is accumulated on the radio, just like in any other business. Quickly accessible to different employees and intelligently aggregated data allows you to optimize the entire workflow. "Where is the latest version?", "Who did this?!" and "Who knows where it is?!!" Those phrases will lose their relevance if you use a specialized solution for radio stations - Media Database (Media DB).

Digispot II Matrix: Your Guide to the World of Virtual Switching

What is the need of a radio station that daily operates dozens of internal and external audio streams, allocating and redirecting them in the right directions? The answer is simple: a modern matrix circuit switching and a convenient system of control and monitoring.

Infopanel: a high-tech clock or something more?

A new development of the Tract Company is already in use by many radio stations. If you want to know what song is now on air, which studio is broadcasting at the moment, how much time is left until the next advertisement block, or how high is the level of broadcasting signal – visual informing tool Digispot II Infopanel can answer all these questions and even more.

The “Svyaznoy” Project

“We want to have a real radio, and moreover, we play video clips in every store”. These words gave the start of the collaboration between the Tract Company and retail network “Svyaznoy” in 2012. At that time, many stores of the “Svyaznoy” network were equipped with plasma TVs and voice recording equipment. They could play music and video on this equipment, but audio tracks were played not according to a preset schedule but randomly. This approach was considered not effective enough, so “Svyaznoy” decided to create a real radio with a coordinated video advertisement.

The "Sport FM” Project

Another installation project for information-and-sports radio station "Sport FM” (formerly known as "Radio Sport"), which is a part of the EMG holding, is completed. One of the main features of the project was the initial focus on the visualization, which became possible thanks to Digispot® II Visual Radio technology.

Digispot® II Visual Radio

Digispot® II Visual Radio is a technology for visualization of radio, which means creation of visuals that accompany audio tracks that, in turn, form the main program of a radio station.

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