Digispot II® is a software program that is integrated with a range of various software and hardware products from different manufacturers. From year to year, the opportunities for integration are increasing. Thanks to the experience and high qualifications of our experts, Digispot II® is integrating with other information systems at the intersection of different technologies.

Software products

The integration with software products allows you to exchange (import and / or export) broadcasting schedules, elements of databases, other meta-data, as well as to send control commands by a certain event (e.g. by upcoming of a certain element on air).

  • RCS Selector
  • MusicMaster
  • Dalet 5.1 
  • Digipot ATM

System hardware

The integration with hardware products allows the software management from external devices (remote broadcast management), as well as control of external equipment from the events in the system of Digispot II® (for example, switching the control of the on-air schedule).

  • TR 102M
  • TR 314/315
  • Mixing console Axia
  • Mixing console DHD
  • Mixing console Eela-Audio (D3)
  • Mixing console D.Max
  • RDS-encoder Fora-600

And much more. If you have questions about your hardware system integration, please contact our technical support.

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