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magixStarting from the second quarter of 2011, DIGISPOT II® has become the only Russian broadcast automation system that is deeply integrated with professional audio processing tools for recording studios Samplitude Pro, as well as Sequoia package which is oriented to broadcasting companies. Additionally, we are expanding our product line for the Russian market in the near future: new video solutions, in particular, MAGIX VideoPro X3, are to be on sale soon.

Historical Background
Magix company was founded in Germany in 1993. For almost 20 years of activity in the market of professional tools for working with sound, this European brand managed to gain a worldwide fame. The most widespread among professional broadcasters products like Magix, Samplitude, Samplitude Pro and Sequoia, have long been appreciated by Russian customers.

Samplitude / Samplitude Pro is a professional virtual studio for multitrack recording which is recognized all over the world. This product is a comprehensive solution for solo and studio projects for use on a personal computer. The tool supports a variety of editing options, high-quality effects and advanced multimedia formats.

Sequoia is a professional set of tools for working with sound, though focused on somewhat different categories of users, namely on broadcasting companies. The functionality of Sequoia is adjusted to a multi-channel recording, multi-track editing, video post-production, CD mastering, editing of reports and interviews, audio editing, noise reduction on a separate track, restoration of old records and recording of back vocals.

Integration of products
The integration of Samplitude Pro and Sequoia with DIGISPOT II® has been an important step in the development of the broadcast automation system DIGISPOT II®. It is known that DIGISPOT II® has always had its own, easy to learn and use multi-track audio editor Track 2, oriented to the needs of a radio journalist. Track 2 is useful in situations where a journalist should quickly carry out radio recording, cleaning (cut), level correction and assembly of a report (a so-called "short form"), as well as when a DJ should overlay liners and ID-jingles ("air dressing") on the tracks inside the broadcasting schedule (on the intro, outro, between verse and chorus, etc.). However, for a multi-track studio recording and a serious editing of tracks at music radio stations, for production of commercials and "air dressings", the opportunities of a "standard" audio editor are not enough. Now we offer the complete functionality of a "standard" tool with a tremendous level of specialized products of "Magix" (such as editing accurate within sample, a separate editing of the left and right channels, noise reduction, change of tone and duration, and many others). At the same time, all the components of this solution are deeply integrated within each other. New features are available in version DIGISOPT II® 2.15 and Samplitude Pro of 11th and 12th generations.

Technical support for the products of Magix in Russian
Simultaneously with the start of the sales of our partners’ products, we provide a qualitative technical support for Magix software users in Russia by efforts of our own technical support department. First of all, we consider the integrated products - Samplitude Pro and Sequoia.

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