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Modules of the system Digispot II may be linked.
Some may not be used without installing the other.
Be careful!

Modules of the system Digispot II

DIGISPOT ® II is a module-based radio broadcast automation system that combines reliable and up-to-date components of software and hardware technology, which allows for carrying out all workflows connected to radio production and broadcasting in an easy, smooth and efficient way.

The software structure allows for using a wide variety of modules to easily adapt to any specific needs of a radio station. It also enables to create and customize special configurations to optimize the workflow for each particular radio station in accordance with its specific tasks.

Base modules
Administration Settings BrowserDSM-049
Administration SystemDSM-048
Crossfade Editor DSM-025
Popup MessagingDSM-038
Pre-listening SystemDSM-001
WMI ProviderDSM-150
Playback and Rebroadcasting modules
AEQ Remote Control DSM-155
Audio card StreamingDSM-066
Broadcast Audio ProcessorDSM-162
Double Player DSM-006
EELA AUDIO D4 Remote ControlDSM-160
Fast JinglesDSM-058
Gap FillerDSM-021
Guard PlayerDSM-034
Inserter PlayerDSM-030
Internet Streaming DSM-075
Internet Streaming: Receiving the StreamDSM-159
Jingle Machine DSM-009
On-Air Data ReserveDSM-042
On-Air Hot ReserveDSM-063
Rebroadcast ChannelDSM-035
Recognition for the Regional Frame Player (777)DSM-032
Regional Frame Player (777)DSM-031
Remote ControlDSM-057
Reserve Player for 777 RebroadcastingDSM-060
Second Сhannel for the Regional Frame Player (777)DSM-033
Smart JinglesDSM-055
Smart Jingles EditorDSM-056
Stack Player (B2) DSM-008
Streaming Service DSM-111
X-Player Front PanelDSM-106
X-Player Status DSM-020
Modules for work with news
Moderator ScreenDSM-039
News BrowserDSM-040
News Text EditorDSM-041
Control modules
Audio Log Browser DSM-012
Audio Logger ChannelDSM-010
Audio Signal CorrelatorDSM-014
Debug Logs / Crash DumpsDSM-073
On-Air Events LogDSM-061
Production modules
BCS EditorDSM-024
Mag Music RotationDSM-070
Media PlannerDSM-072
Schedule BrowserDSM-005
Schedule and planning modules
Commercial SchedulerDSM-080
Decrocharge SchedulerDSM-076
Grids DSM-017
Jingles SwappingDSM-114
Schedule ImportDSM-019
Schedule MergingDSM-022
Schedule Replication DSM-112
Schedule Update from DBDSM-107
Simple RotationDSM-023
Skeleton ImportDSM-018
Skeletons DSM-016
Start Point SearchDSM-004
Track marking and Normalization DSM-003
Voice TrackDSM-054
Voice Track Pro DSM-015
Data management modules
Audio File ConverterDSA-1800
Auto ImportDSM-045
Auto Import PlusDSM-046
CD GrabberDSA-1600
Data Import: Excel и CSVDSM-156
Data Import: Sound EmpireDSM-151
Data Import: SynadynDSM-140
DDB ClientDSM-104
DDB Matrix DSM-108
DDB ServerDSM-077
Digispot Data Exchange InterfaceDSM-119
Directories Importdsm-105
External DB BrowserDSM-043
Files BrowserDSM-002
Folders BrowserDSM-037
InfoPanel ServerDSM-133
InfoPanel: GPI and Events Indicators DSM-134
InfoPanel: Level IndicatorDSM-135
Infopanel: Remote Sources DSM-157
InfoPanel: Text DSM-138
InfoPanel: Timers DSM-137
Infopanel: Values Import to XMLDSM-158
InfoPanel: X-Player DSM-136
Integration with Magix Sequoya DSM-109
Manual ImportDSM-044
MDB BrowserDSM-036
Media DB EngineDS-DB01
Media DB Engine AdvancedDS-DB02
Media DB HistoryDSM-142
Media DB Removal History DSM-117
Media DB ServiceDSM-110
POP3 ImportDSM-047
PowerGold Plugin DSM-201
RDS AggregatorDSM-026
RDS Direct ControlDSM-027
Related ImageDSM-152
Schedule ReplicatorDSM-067
Task ManagerDSM-068
Task Manager: Data Export from MDB DSM-132
Task Manager: Data Import from External DBDSM-131
Task Manager: Decro-Automat Schedule ProcessingDSM-126
Task Manager: Directories CleaningDSM-127
Task Manager: Export schedule in XMLDSM-122
Task Manager: Import from Text FileDSM-130
Task Manager: Mag Schedule generation DSM-128
Task Manager: Media-Planner Commercial ImportDSM-129
Task Manager: Running OS commands DSM-125
Task Manager: Running SQL QueriesDSM-123
Task Manager: Unused Material RemovalDSM-124
Telos ProStream PluginDSM-154
Visual Radio modules
Action ManagerDSM-092
Active Mic DetectorDSM-103
Blackmagic ATEM DriverDSM-094
Camera Control PanelDSM-143
DB Browser Video SupportDSM-090
DDB Video SupportDSM-096
Files Browser Video SupportDSM-089
Magic CG DriverDSM-102
Merge Schedule VideoDSM-095
ORAD DriverDSM-093
Regional Frame Player (777) Video PlaybackDSM-087
Remote Control PanelDSM-100
Scene ManagerDSM-091
Skylark SL NEO DriverDSM-101
Stack Player Video PlaybackDSM-083
Video Ingest (with Sony 9pin support)DSM-081
Video Log BrowserDSM-013
Video Logger ChannelDSM-011
Video MarkingDSM-079
Video PreviewDSM-078
Visual Radio: Vaddio Controller DriverDSM-144
X-Player Video PlaybackDSM-082

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